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The earth is constantly changing. Our planet is undergoing constant change which cannot be accepted by all the people. Climate change is a fact that is still being debated as people are not ready to accept the fact that man has irreversibly damaged the planet. This is not resulting to higher temperatures and more UV rays penetrating the earth’s surface.

The things people in earlier years have enjoyed are being denied to people in this generation as a result of this climate change. Outdoor activities which are done in broad daylight are now hazardous to the health because of hotter climate. UV rays from the sun can also do damages to the skin and have long term effect to the health.


People who enjoy travelling around the world refuse to be denied the satisfaction of roaming the planet just because of high temperatures. They are wild spirits who enjoy the outdoors greatly. However, they can greatly protect themselves by purchasing shade cloths from and reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reach them.

Shade nets can be setup by attaching the net to two poles of significant distance which can allow people in between. The nets can provide shade while travelers are resting. These nets can provide great comfort which can let hikers and mountain climbers squeeze in some sleep during a climb even in broad daylight. This is more practical than a tent which requires assembly. Setup shade nets for naps is more practical as it will require less energy to setup and also less equipment.

Shade nets are a great investment to improve a day-hike experience. It is light weight which makes it easy to carry around. It can also be used in beaches where the cottages are far from the shore; it can allow beach goers a resting spot on the beach.